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Basic web design with web link input, ready for upload (1 hour design and input /per page) $50/per page Additional design work over one hour (links, video, photos shop work, detailed galleries,  you tube and widget embedding, etc... $40/per hour Onsite work will be charged time plus mileage and travel time. $50/per hour on site $.55/per mile Basic upkeep of the site will be billed in 15 minute increments $10/per 15 min Hosting and FTP setup $50/per year Basic 4 page website with one year of hosting  $250 Our prices are comparable to offshore companies.
We will evaluate your individual needs and offer a customized solution that fits your expectations and budget. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your consultation.
How we charge:  We will provide a web design solution which will help your site to stand out and give your company a recognizable INTERNET presence. Allow us to help you open new doors and expand your vistas. To help you reach new prospects and market your business more effectively. Whether we are developing a new site or doing a website redesign, we are here to meet your web needs.
Custom web design with the best web solutions for your small business, corporate business, and individual needs.
Webtique Design